Veterans Night of the Arts

Veterans Night of the Arts

Veterans’ Night of the Arts
Tuesday April 22, 7pm

Sacred Heart University
5151 Park Ave, Fairfield, CT 06825
Schine Auditorium

Poetry, Drama and Music Dedicated to Recovery From Mental Illness and Deployment.

Non-perishable food items, household items and donations will be collected for homeless Veterans.

1000 Words Contest

1000 Words Contest

We’re accepting submissions!

OUR FIRST CONTEST With a Randomly Drawn Prize of $100 for your writing/art! April 1st – 25th.

The more you submit the more chances you have to win! People who have submitted earlier this year, are retroactively entered.

The VAF is starting a Bringing 1000 Words Project. We want you (veterans and families) to take a picture, artwork, portrait, landscape, etc. that’s yours and write about it.

It can be the story behind your work, poetry, an essay, a speech, one word 1000 times over, what inspires you, anything in that vein. Or even a letter to someone you love/miss. You can write words over your work, as inspiration or just for the heck of it.

We ask that you be a veteran (noncombat included) or a family member. It can be anonymous, or public. Just email us the piece, let us know if you want your name on it.

It’s designed to broaden our understanding of art and motivations, along with self or group healing. It can be happy, sad or anything on spectrum.

We will display some of the work that comes in…

Please share with your friends/family!


It’s been way too long since we updated the Blog.  For this I’m sorry, the fault rests with me (the founder – Mike Hawley).

We’ve concentrated on Twitter and Facebook over the last two years and it’s been productive.  However, this could be the heart and soul of our community.  Where we share writing, art, etc. 

There have been many changes over the last two years.  I’ll just list the recent ones .

  • We’ve grown in popularity and internet following
  • I’m now a social-work intern, who will concentrate more on our internet presence.
  • We’ve a meetup group (and attend others too)
  • We’ve added a pair of wonderful volunteers (Rachel and Adam).  Without them, the foundation wouldn’t have made it this far. 
  • We’re hosting our first major art show on September 7th
  • And much more….stay tuned for more. 

The next few updates will be about what’s going on with our foundation.  Some will be good/bad/ugly as far as what we’re doing.