Screenplay: SATIN FIST

I’m attempting to attach a downloadable PDF file of a screenplay.  It’s based on PTSD, DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), and revenge.

It’s called Satin Fist, which is a play on the old Iron Fist type films.  Please feel free to download it and feedback’s welcome.  We hope someday to produce it locally or in Hollywood.  It’s a second draft, so it’s a bit rough around the edges.martial art movie

Combat Stress and Murder Part 1

Recently there’s been a spate of murders attributed to a unit out of Fort Carson, CO.  14 or so soldiers have been arrested in connection with homicides.  The mayhem was enough to warrant a study by the Army.

Normally the army sweeps some issues under the rug.  This time however, the bloodshed was so endemic that it was forced by the court of public opinion to investigate.  Some suggest combat stress compiled over multiple deployments led the outbreak.  The army however, may have different ideas.

I will be writing about this subject in coming days.  Anger, depression, violence, alcohol, and other issues with PTSD plague an untold number of vets going to war repeatedly.  You can decide.  I will include anecdotal evidence from myself with the essays.