10 Reasons to Hire a Vet

Here are ten reasons to hire a veteran in no particular order:

A vet is disciplined. He or she will show up, in uniform, and on time.

Veterans are used to working in highly stressful environments

Vets are team players, learned in the field and battle.

There are large tax breaks for hiring disabled veterans.

Veterans have worldwide networks of friends and compadres that can help out a business.

They can handle deadlines and long hours. It was part of our lives.

Combat hones leadership skills to where lives are dependent on it.

Veterans can work outdoors and in hostile environments.

Vets are great heavy-lifters.

We can communicate easily and respect rank and seniority.

If You Support Veterans, Then Hire Them

The State of Connecticut Employment statistics have Veterans hovering around a 15% unemployment, almost double the state average.  It’s even worse than Urban areas like Waterbury, CT.

Today, I applied for a job doing construction work, in order to pick up some spare cash while working on our foundation.  I wasn’t skilled enough, even though I’m a disabled veteran.  It’s tough out there in the real world.  Our group has a tough time readjusting to society and family when we finish our tours/military career.

There are so many benefits to hiring veterans (disabled, too).  Tax credits in the thousands are given to those who hire disabled veterans.  Veterans can also handle a great deal of stress, and weigh problems differently than civilian counterparts.   We also work very well in small teams and under pressure.

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