Money in the Bank…

We raised around $1700 during the fundraiser.  I again thank everyone involved.  There’s $1500 in the bank.

I don’t exactly know what to do with the money just yet.  Should we go for cheap rent?  Shirts, hats, etc.  (that’s my vote, along with our logo)

Any ideas would help.  I know we don’t have huge traffic as of yet, but that may change.


Mike Hawley

A short Film about Chicken Liberation

I have a cameo in it.  I stole the show with my scenery chewing.  Kidding, I’m a terrible actor.  The film however’s been shown at the Kent Film Festival and other outings (including our fundraiser) to great reception.  Here it is:  The Auspix

Fundraising News!!!

We have now raised over $1500 dollars from the start of the event.

Quite a bit of it has been from friends and families, which is wonderful.  It’s a great start to our foundation.

We also have received a letter from the Governor congratulating our group for the job we’re doing.  I will be most likely posting that as time goes on.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the fundraiser.  Here’s hoping for a good time.

-Mike Hawley

IRS, wasn’t as big a problem as originally thought.

Quick post:

Turns out I’d filed the correct papers with the State of Connecticut, but didn’t include the certified copy with my 501 (c) 3 package.   So it’s still good.  I need to ask for more time to get the copy out to the IRS.


We’ve now raised with a bit of effort around 600 dollars.  That’s not including some equipment.  It will not go too far, but it’s a wonderful start.  I will be posting more updates on this as time goes by.