The Veterans Art Foundation
Company Overview
V.A.F. is a non profit art foundation for veterans, BY veterans (namely, those who served in either OIF, OEF, or Vietnam.) Our belief, and experience, has been that HEALING can and DOES come– at least in part– through other mediums than simply “talking.” As such, working with a team of veterans, art therapists, and other careworkers/ veteran advocates, we strive to open veterans– particularly… those with the “deep wounds” that only come out of the horrific experience called WAR– to the world of creativity, wherein they can express pain and loss in an environment that is both liberating and SAFE to the veteran. Currently, we are busy pulling together our resources and focusing our efforts on building both our website AND our support base. Along with our fans and friends in central CT and beyond, we are in need of funding for upcoming writing workshops and documentary-filmmaking
General Information
The VAF is looking for donations, of course. But in these tough times, anything will help us. We accept art for sale (to raise funds), film, cameras, art supplies are all welcomed with open arms.Donations of Equipment, money and space are all tax-deductible. Our mailing address until we move into a bigger space is:The Veterans Art Foundation
28 High St. #2
Chester, CT 06412

Thank You Very Much

Membership:* Our foundation is open to any U.S. Armed Services Veteran.
* It is also open to their family members.Goals:

1. To ease transition into civilian life for returning vets through different means.
2. Allow members to express themselves through art, writing, multimedia, and public speaking.
3. To help disabled veterans gain a semblance of order in their life
4. To bridge the gap between the art world and veterans.

Classes – Referrals – Assistance
Founder: m.a.hawley@hotmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Central Oregon! From the V.A.F. folks..somewhere in central CT !!
    Is there any Veteran’s-Arts initiatives out your way? Either way, if you’d ever like to contribute in any way, please contact “OUTREACH” at mylongroadhome@hotmail.com

  2. P.S. Sorry for the delay in correspondence.. we were “offline” until this week!

    And we hope all is well with YOU too 😉

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