VAF’s been busy

The Veterans Art Foundation’s been busy during the last week and a half.  Some of the soldiers involved have been donating art, shooting Public Service Announcements, and appearing in documentaries.

The PSA was shot with the co-founder (it’s hard tying everyone’s schedules together), which means the acting will be horrible.  The PSA’s titled “the Conversation” about a vet and a family member of a returning combat veteran worrried about his brother’s behavior.  When it’s finished I’ll post it everywhere.

Morgan Cooley, a talented artist out of NYC has donated  two paintings to the Hell to Here short film project.

Mike Zacchea and the co-founder appeared in a documentary that highlights the humanity of our soldiers returning from combat for audiences overseas. The filmmaker was Muslim, citizen of the United States.  The piece isn’t propaganda, but an exercise in bridging the gap.  PTSD spans all cultures.

I’ll put up the link when it becomes available.  Thanks so much for reading.

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