3 Weeks Book Project

I began exploring the idea of writing a screenplay based on the experiences of our unit during those “three weeks in August” that I always write about.  In plumbing for information and stories, I realized there’s enough information for an entire book just based on our collective experiences during the time between our experiences.’

The experience of being sent home (or ready to go home) and being informed from CNN and the media, that your tour was extended was a blow to the soul.  In the three weeks (and some later events) our lives changed.  Some would stay, most would return and others die.

I point to this three week period above all else, as where my problems began.  Combat itself was scary in itself, but this was far worse.

If you have any insights/stories, photos of this time frame please let us know on here or facebook.

Mike Hawley

One thought on “3 Weeks Book Project

  1. Mike.. this is POWERFUL. Just like the “extension” in itself, war is INDEED a “blow to the soul”– whether you were IN IT for one battle, one month, one year, or four… the “extended time” just adds to the layers of the WOUND, especially when LIVES were lost during this notorious “3 weeks.”


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