Script Frenzy…

While keeping track of the Foundation I’ve entered a screenwriting contest.  The contest, Script Frenzy, takes place during the month of April each year.  It ends on the last day of the month.  100 pages of script is required to submit your work.

Just trying to piece together a story for the contest and create a world is nerve wracking.  Last script frenzy I wrote Satin Fist, a revenge thriller dealing with PTSD and DADT.  I just missed the 100 page mark.  I’m proud of the work though, it’s been looked at (Doesn’t mean anything in Hollywood terms) for production locally.

This year I’m writing a script about Dudleytown Connecticut.  It’s said to be one of the most haunted and strange places in the U.S.  There are people who believe it’s haunted and other skeptics.  I’ve known combat veterans who’ve ventured into the forest and fear it.

If anyone wants to enter the contest, it’s free.  If you end up with something, I will try to help you get it out.  Regardless, it’s really fun and challenging.


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