The VAF will be teaming up with a number of other nonprofits and veterans to put together a project that will shine light on veterans’ creativity and art therapy from modern conflicts.

We will be using e-books, the web, iPad, DVDs and online forums to create a world where people can experience veterans lives and thoughts through their own work.

The project will include photos, interviews, and film from their lives, explaining their stories or experiences readjusting to life at home.

Right now, we have the Exit 12 Dance Company interested along with The Graffiti Of War project, artists and veterans involved. The vets include so far, Army, Marines, Air Force. They’re decorate with purple hearts, bronze stars, and silver stars. They are heroes to the public, but privately different.

The project is titled, tentatively THE HEART OF WAR. We at the VAF hope to make a big impression on the world around us in the next two years or so.

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