Hurt Locker Showing Press Release

Press Release for 4/13/10

    The Nonprofit Veterans Art Foundation would like to invite the public to a unique movie night.  The VAF will be showing Best Picture Winner, The Hurt Locker as a learning opportunity for civilians and veterans alike.  It will be held on Tuesday, April 13th, at La Paloma Sabonera in Hartford.  The film will begin at 7 pm.
    Following the film, there will be a small panel discussing Hollywood versus Reality by local Iraq and Afghanistan vets.  Many misconceptions are perpetuated through film and media.  Here’s your chance to listen to the powerful words of those who experienced modern combat.  Audience questions and participation will be welcome. 
    Veterans of today’s two wars come home to a different world.  No one leaves a combat zone unfazed, not even the strongest among us.  In doing outreach with vets of all eras, the VAF has realized there’s a disconnect between combat veterans and the general populace.
    Most people follow polite patriotic norms by thanking veterans when they cross paths with one.  Very few people delve into the meat of a veterans intense life experience.  It’s as if people shut down when vets start going into detail.  It’s painful to seeing blank and distracted looks from people when confronted with the reality of a suffering veteran. 
    Please help our Foundation bridge the gap by coming out and supporting our cause.  Don’t silence another generation of veterans.
    Donations are welcome, but not required for the viewing.

The Hurt Locker will be shown April 13th at 7p.m. at:

La Paloma Sabonera
405 Capitol Ave.
Hartford, CT

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