Watching the Patriots….

I am nursing poison ivy rashes all over my right forearm…and Bouncing back and forth between the computer and Monday Night Football.  Since 1991, my father has had season tickets for the Pats.  We worked through the good times and the bad.

Last year, during the first game, Tom Brady was knocked out, devastating the team, at least temporarily.  Now, they’re back in action, and the old uniforms are out in force.  I am going to the the October 4th (?) game this year.  I will be tail-gating beforehand.  Last year, I got hit by a car during the post game party.  Thankfully, I didn’t freak out and get angry.  I was just mystified that a car had hit me.

Anyways, this post isn’t about art, or veterans per se.  I just am happy about the return of football.  I can tolerate and watch 16 games, not 160 plus of baseball (though I love the Red Sox).  The Pat’s should go all the way this year, but maybe not 19-0.

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