Starting Up…

The VAF was founded originally as a production company, named Blue Falcon Productions (more on what that means later).  I had no idea how to write a business plan or anything like it and struggled with the paperwork.  My partners moved on to other jobs and projects, and for a short while, found myself alone.

Fortunately, my grant writer Virginia Ioccubucci convinced me to start a nonprofit art foundation.  There was a great deal more I could do with the company at that point.  For instance, we could create an art space for veterans and their families, or a film studio without being afraid of failing  to produce blockbusters or anything commercially viable.  We could help people and have a great time in the process.

I, Mike Hawley, fancy myself a writer.   I have no delusions of granduer.  I know it’s nearly impossible for me to publish and become a best seller.  The foundation won’t stress commercial success, solely individual.   That’s our history in brief.  Stay tuned for more updates/news, etc.

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